We continually explore and research the world of sport to find the best and most innovative advancements. Come discover the methods and programs developed by our teams of professionals to help you reach goals and stay motivated. To maximize individual attention, we are limiting the classes to a maximum of 15 participants.


In a training time crunch or want to add variety to your current routine? Our 360 circuits are for you! Coached by our kinesiologists, these 30-minute sessions help you blast your muscles and your cardio in a fun way.

Try our various formats:

• 360 circuit: come and measure up to the creativity of our kinesiologists.

• Bells and balls: exercises using kettleballs, weighted balls and Swiss balls

• Body weight: exercises using only your body weight

• Abs: core training at its best, with innovative and unconventional exercises.


Come and test your balance, stability and proprioception (your unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation) in this 45-minute class. Various accessories are used: Swiss ball, balance disc, balance pods, WAFF, BOSU,  and more… A fun class, full of twists and turns!


ABS POWER Discover why core training should never be boring! The secret: always a bit of cardio to stimulate your abs. Find new ways to engage your core using various equipment. Come along and attack your six-pack!

ATHLETI-X Inspired by Cross-Fit, this Bootcamp emphasizes muscle endurance, strength, and power. Using basic weight lifting movements, you will be surprised how much variety you can bring to your workout. Ready for the challenge? Make it yours!

CIRCUIT X-PLOSIF A highly energetic circuit training that combines cardio and plyometric exercices, to enhance explosivity, agility, and coordination. The Tabata Protocol and its variations reveal their secrets.

SHOCKWAVE Circuit training with an interesting twist: no stopwatch! The time is set by you on the water-rower as you try to beat your own record. Two teams fighting for gold. Are you ready to give it your all to win?


This famous program was developed by Shaun T. It’s based on the principles of High-intensity interval training (HIIT), with simple yet effective exercises, using only body weight. Burn calories and surge past your limits with upbeat music. Are you ready to max out your energy?


Pilates is a series of nonimpact exercises designed for deep muscle strength, improved posture and muscular balance. Pilates promotes a feeling of both physical and mental wellbeing. Inhaling and exhaling taken to the next level!


Improve your posture and your balance. Build a healthy back with exercises that respect the natural movements of the body and stretch chain muscles. These are the building blocks for people recovering from injury or starting an exercise program.


A blend of stretching, breathing, visualization and meditation involving the meridians, the four seasons and the five elements cycle of traditional Chinese medicine.


SPINNING A dynamic workout on stationary bikes to build up speed, power and strength. Sprint, climb, and just ride on peloton bikes to develop your cardiovascular and muscular endurance as well as your cycling skills.

SPIN YOGA A 45-minute spinning class followed by 45 minutes of yoga moves designed for fans of running and biking. The perfect combination to develop muscle strength and a good stretch.


Inhale, exhale and realign. Stretching is so important to any fitness routine. This class patiently guides you through a series of important stretches designed to keep you balanced, limber and ready for the next challenge!


A martial art that leverages both offensive and defensive techniques and strategies, using fists, kicks, knees, and elbows. This training helps promote physical fitness through education and various combinations of moves. It packs a punch!


ASHTANGA YOGA:  Intense and physical, with a sequence of increasingly demanding movements. Great if you’re looking to develop strength and endurance.

Hatha: Postures with detailed instructions. Attention paid to alignment and foundation.

Hip opener: Practice to release tension in the hips (groins, pelvis, thigh mobility).

Core: Practice that emphasizes core strength : abs, pelvic floor and lower back. Great class to deepen your practice and develop stability in your postures.

Restorative: Restorative postures practice. Most of the postures are supported, with the objective of integrating the active practice by a deep relaxation of the body. Class can incorporate breathing exercices.

Vinyasa: Dynamic, rhythmic and flowing. Postures are connected with each other and there is less demonstration of the poses.

Soft Vinyasa: This flowing sequence of calming postures will help you find calm and connect to your breath.

Yin: Postures held in a “passive” way (less muscular effort than hatha) to allow soft and gradual opening of the body. This class helps to open the body’s connective tissues.

Yang/ Yin: Yin yoga is a practice of long held poses where the chi (energy) flow is stimulated and the organic system is nourished. A meditative environment is created and as we hold, honour and shed layer after layer of our self, we open the heart, mind and soul to a deep integration with the body. The yang practice is a fluid, strong and active practice with postures that energize, strengthen, lengthen and connect us to our yang energy. This class creates balance between the yin and yang.


Zumba involves dance and aerobic movements choreographed to energetic music. Incorporating hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, and mambo, Zumba also features squats and lunges. A great way to get going and get upbeat!


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Gym & SPA du Plateau à Montréal - Le Saint-Jude

Gym & SPA du Plateau à Montréal – Le Saint-Jude